Kickstarter, Dragon Innovation, and Avnet are joining forces to help hardware creators plan ahead for manufacturing before they launch on Kickstarter.

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Basslet by Lofelt

Root by Scansorial

Kickstarter is an excellent way to raise funds and build an audience for your hardware project — but will you be ready for what comes after that? Figuring out how to engineer a product for large-scale manufacturing can be daunting. Some creators have a great idea and a working prototype, but could use help taking the next steps.

That’s why Kickstarter is teaming up with Dragon Innovation, hardware manufacturing experts who bring years of experience and smart software to helping companies build at scale, and Avnet, a global technology distributor that helps customers design and make their ideas and bring them to market. Together we can help you prepare to take your idea from prototype to production. You’ll have access to insights and expertise to help you design your product and develop a smart manufacturing plan before you share your project with the world on Kickstarter.

Two parts of this effort will launch in September: the Hardware Studio Toolkit, a collection of valuable tools and tutorials that we’re making available to our community for free; and Hardware Studio Connection, which will prepare Kickstarter creators working on more complex projects with advice, feedback, and services from Avnet and Dragon Innovation.

Looking for help with design and manufacturing?

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A stack of the inner-workings of the Moment iPhone Case showing chips and wiring.

Moment Case by Moment

A row of BaseCamp Stoves being tested by lighting their fires.

OpenROV by OpenROV


Turning an idea into a finished product takes time, patience, and perseverance. If you’ve never done it before, it’s hard to know what questions to ask or what challenges to anticipate. So we’re creating the Hardware Studio Toolkit, a resource to help you learn about the design and manufacturing process from experienced creators, industry experts, Kickstarter staff, and engineers from Dragon Innovation and Avnet.

This free resource will feature:

Live webinar series

Engage with experts through live sessions on prototyping, engineering, manufacturing, supply chain management, fulfillment, and more.

Access to powerful tools

Free access to online tools, including Dragon Innovation’s Product Planner, to help provide detailed insights on your project cost, component availability, and production timelines.

Blog posts and tutorials

A curated selection of tutorials and other reference materials to learn from.

Looking for help with design and manufacturing?

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A metal mold for the Lumos bike helment, open to show both sides.

Lumos by Lumos Helmet

A crop of a person's hand holding on to a machine in a manufacturing facility.


As part of Hardware Studio Connection, Dragon and Avnet will offer their services to creators working on more advanced projects that could benefit from the expertise of seasoned engineers. Following a simple application process, accepted creators will have access to tailored resources and personalized feedback that will help them set a manufacturing plan.

Taking part in this program will offer Kickstarter creators:

Expert advice

Connect with engineers and manufacturing specialists at Avnet and Dragon to ask questions, strategize, and get access to services.

Elevated visibility

Projects participating in Connection may be highlighted on Kickstarter.

Discounts and savings

Get discounts from Avnet on hardware components and extended free use of Product Planner from Dragon.

Supply chain support

Get help from Avnet with planning your supply chain to avoid delays, and access a credit line to finance component purchases.

Dragon and Avnet are independently offering Hardware Studio Connection to Kickstarter creators. Kickstarter is not involved in providing these services.

Looking for help with design and manufacturing?

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A man and woman standing in front of a mechnical diagram, gesturing and discussing the task.
The manufacturing process for Beeline with wires overlapping and connected to a screen.

Beeline by Mark Jenner & Tom Putnam

Dragon Innovation helps hardware teams navigate the tricky path from a prototype to high-volume factory production. Kickstarter creators like Lumos Helmet, Formlabs, Karmic Bikes, Moment, and hundreds of others have used Dragon’s proven process, tools, and deep expertise to understand manufacturing costs and schedules, find factories, manage production, and more.

Avnet helps customers of all sizes, from individual makers to the largest multinationals, take an idea and guide it through the technology product lifecycle. As a global distribution leader, Avnet provides components and embedded solutions, as well as design and supply chain services, expertise and tools to help customers design, supply, build and deliver their innovative ideas to market anywhere in the world.